Driving Tips for Ohio

If you find yourself on a road trip or visiting in Ohio you might want to know these few tips. You know, like “what’s the school speed limits? or when do I need to wear a seat belt?

General Rules

  • You always have to yield to pedestrians. All the time, Even when they are crossing illegally.
  • Always wear a seatbelt. Everyone. Especially kids.
  • Kids 4 through 8 have to be in a booster. Kids under 4 in a child seat.
  • Must stop for school busses loading and unloading kids unless on a 4 lane highway.
  • Right on red okay unless otherwise posted. Make sure you don’t do a rolling stop. Take that brief second to do it right.


Turns & Parking

U-turns are a funny thing. Unlike in some states where you can make them anywhere there isn’t a sign prohibiting it. Places like Columbus they are illegal. So it is best now if you are driving in an unknown area use your GPS or the Waze app and if you miss an exit or a turn let the app reroute you. Don’t slam on the brakes or try and swing around. Just calmly drive past and the app should legally re-route you according to local traffic laws. Now for parking.

  • Can’t park within 10ft of a fire hydrant
  • Can’t double park (Park next to a parked car just to run in somewhere)
  • Can’t park places that aren’t for parking like crosswalks, bridges, tunnels.
  • Can’t park within 30ft of a safety zone
  • Can’t park within 50ft of a railroad
  • Can’t park against traffic
  • Can’t park more than 12″ away from curb.


Ohio Speed Limits

Ohio has several well known speed traps. Places along highways that have small towns that use it as a revenue generation for their towns. Linndale, Ohio come to mind. Just outside of Cleveland.  Unlike some other states that allow you 10 over (hey Florida) it isn’t worth it in Ohio unless you are going with the flow of traffic. The locals know what speed to go. Follow them.  Anyway, where are the basics:

  • School Zones – 15MPH
  • City Limits – 25MPH
  • Urban Interstate Roads – 50 – 65MPH
  • Highways and Interstates – 55 – 70MPH