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Ohio 4hr Abbreviated Adult Driver Training Course

Required for Adults 18 and up that failed their driving test. 

If you failed the driving test because of the Ohio Maneuverability Test click here for help.

If you are an adult in Ohio and challenged the driving test and didn’t pass one of the driving parts then you are required by the state of Ohio to take this 4 Hour Course. The only exception is if you have completed the 24 Hour Driver’s Ed Course within the last 12 months.

You are also responsible for driving practice but you can choose how you want to do that of two possible ways.

    1. Drive with a licensed driver 21 years old or older with a valid driver’s license. (Ohio 24hr Driver affidavit must be complete and notarized if you choose this way.)
    2. Choose a local driving school that offers the 4 hour behind the wheel driving course for the abbreviated requirement.

Once you complete the driving practice you then can make your appointment to take your driving test again. You’ll need to take both the certificate of completion from the course and either the signed affidavit from your driving practice or certificate from the driving school depending on what you chose.

Ohio 24 Hour Driver Education Course

Required for teens 15.5 through 17 (Little Known Secret for Teens Getting their Ohio Driver’s License)
Recommended for adults wanting a complete driver education. 

This is the complete 24 hour driver education for your Ohio drivers license. This is for a brand new driver wanting a complete driver education. It is required that all teenagers complete the course for their license but if you’re an adult first time driver it is highly recommended.

FOR TEENS: First, we assume you’ve gotten your Temps. Then, when you take the course you will get two (2) certificates.  One you get after completing two (2) hours in the course called an “Enrollment Certificate”. You take this to the driving school of your choice with your Temps to sign up for your eight (8) hours of behind the wheel driver training. (Some driving schools prefer you have completed the entire 24 hour course before beginning your behind the wheel training.) Once you complete the online course you will also get a “Certificate of Completion”.

Once you have all of your coursework and driver training complete you need to have your Temps for a year and logged 50 hours of driving practice. Then, when you meet all the criteria found here you can make an appointment to take the driving skills test and get your probationary license.

Need Something Else?

If you need to find things other than:
  • 4 Hr Abbreviated Adult Driver Course
  • 24 Hr Driver Education

Then please visit the Ohio BMV Website

Distracted Driving Course?

Get a ticket for a violation while driving distracted and looking for the course that you can take instead of paying the enhanced court fine? Here it is.

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Looking to get your Ohio driver’s license? Are you an adult that tried the driving test and didn’t pass one of the driving parts? Maybe your a teenager and dreaming of the freedom and independence driving brings. Either way, you’ve found the best courses to help you achieve your goal of being independent.


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