Passing the Ohio Maneuverability Test

Hey, what’s up? So you’re in Ohio and you need to take the maneuverability test to get your driver’s license. I hope you’ve found us BEFORE you’ve taken your test but if not, don’t worry. With this technique it will be super easy for you to pass the test.

There are 2 ways the test can be implemented. One is the standard way where the examiner gets in the car with you. As you start the test they will tell you the direction they want you to turn. 

The other is the examiner will remain outside the car and give you the instructions and then you are tasked to do this by yourself. Well, to a degree. You will need to have your licensed driver that brought you to the test, in the car with you so that you are legal to drive because you don’t have your license yet. But they are not allowed to assist you in any way. If you get this kind of test make sure and repeat the instructions to the Examiner so you are clear. 

The key to this is using physical ques when to turn the wheel so you get it right. So let’s get in and get started. 

Inside the vehicle:

Make sure that you go through your process of checks when you get into the vehicle every time when you are new so you don’t forget at the test. Check the following:
Seat adjustment
rear view mirror
side view mirror

Let the Examiner see you doing this. Don’t assume. 

OK, so for either way this is how it works. You begin to move the car forward through the first set of cones and as you approach the second set of cones with the side view mirror, turn the wheel 180 degrees, or a half turn, in the direction instructed. This will move the car around the single cone at the end. 

As you approach the single cone you will turn the wheel in the opposite direction 360 degrees or a full turn right after your side view mirror passes that single cone. This will take you back to straight and then a half turn the other direction wrapping you around the cone so you end up parallel with all the cones. When your back bumper aligns with the single cone, just stop. Leave the wheel where it is at. 

If your examiner tells you to wait for their command, do that. Just pay attention to how the examiner instructs you. They may just tell you to come to a complete stop and reverse. 

As you reverse the process your wheel is already 180 degrees or a half turn that will get you around that single cone. As your rear view mirror passes that cone you turn the wheel 360 degrees again the opposite direction and that will start the car turning to bend around the outside cone to bring you in the middle. As you approach that “second” set of cones (the first ones this direction) you turn the wheel 180 degrees to get it to straight and complete the exercise making sure that the vehicle is straight and the bumper is in the proper place you were instructed to stop. Usually they want you to stop with the bumper in line with the cones but again, pay attention to your examiner.

That’s it! It really is that simple. You need to practice this a few times but once you get the hang of it it is super easy. You’ll pass your test with no problems.

If you are here because you didn’t pass the exam and you still need that 4 hour course? The information for that is either below in the video description or in the sidebar depending on where you’re seeing the video. You need the Abbreviated Adult Driver Training course.

Thanks for watching and tell your friends!