Teenagers Wanting to Get Their Driver’s License – It Starts Here!

Study and get your TEMPS taken care of in the comfort of your own home. 

The EASY and Fun Way to Get Your License.

As early as 15 years and 5 months you can sign up to take the state REQUIRED 24 Hours of driver Education. Although at 15 years and 6 months you are not required to take any formal training to take the Knowledge Exam, or the written part of the driving test, how do you expect to pass it? Sign up and not only gain the knowledge to PASS the test but if in that month between you complete the course you have met one of the main requirements of getting your license.

This Course Is What You Need If You Are A Teen In Ohio Wanting To Get You License

        • Approved by the state of Ohio
        • Meets the 24 hours of driver ‘s Ed Requirement
        • Online Course so Available 24/7
        • Picks up where you left off
        • Videos and Activities to keep you engaged
        • Help Available to get you through

The 24-Hour Ohio Teen Driver’s Ed is an online option for Ohio teens to get their driver education to get their license. It covers everything teens need to know about the rules of the road and driving techniques to help pass the driving exam. Take a look at what’s included, and register today to get started!


Basic vehicle knowledge – you know, stuff you may kind of know on the dashboard and about the car itself and how it works.


Rules of the Road – there are basic set of laws that apply pretty much everywhere.


Driving Strategies – you know, the stuff that makes for terrible drivers like not driving in the left lane or knowing how to properly merge.


Road Safety – too many of us know people that have lost people in accidents. Many lives, even your own, may be saved by paying attention.


Quizzes and Test – its easy to drift off when taking a course but you have to pay more attention if you’re getting quizzes and tests.


Certificates – this is confusing to some people because teenagers actually get two (2) certificates. The first one you get is an “enrollment certificate”. You can, if your driving school allows it, to simultaneously take this coursework while taking the 8 hours of in-car driver training you are required to take. To prove you are enrolled you are issued the Enrollment Certificate to provide to your in-car training school. 


The other is your “Completion Certificate” that obviously if presented upon completion of the course. This is required to take your tests. 


Once you complete both the course and get that certificate and complete your 8 hours behind the wheel driver training and get that certificate you can make your appointment to take your driving. You’ll need all of this paperwork. DO NOT LOSE OR MISPLACE IT. 

2 Certificates Explained

Certificate of Enrollment

The Certificate of Enrollment is important because to complete your state requirements you need to take 8 hours of professional driving instruction. In order to even sign up for this you need to have the Certificate of Enrollment from a 24 hour course like this one. You get it after completing the first 2 hours of the 24 hour course.

Certificate of Completion

This one is pretty self explanatory. After you successfully complete the 24 hours of study and pass the final exam you will be given the Certificate of Completion. You’ll need this to present when you apply for your driver’s license. There is no actual requirement for any formal studying when taking the Knowledge Exam or the written part of the test. But if you have not studied for it then how do you expect to pass it? That is why we recommend that you enroll in this course at 15 years and 5 months so that at 15 years and 6 months are you fully prepared intellectually for the knowledge exam.